Bake! & The Baketress

Bake! was birthed out of an appreciation for "a little something sweet", because when you grow up in the south, dessert is just as much a staple of the meal as the main course. I began my baking journey at an early age, shadowing my grandmother and other family members around the kitchen: regularly volunteering to stir, pour, and of course be a taste tester. Over the years the kitchen became my sanctuary and sharing what I create with others has brought me THE MOST contentment. Cookies are and have always been my favorite confection to bake. You can be as conservative or creative as you wish without ever forsaking flavor. My hope is to connect with people through my cookies. Each cookie has an intentional name that has meaning. Each cookie was created to bring a sweet little moment of joy. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you by way of some Real. Good. Cookies.

Ever So Sweetly Yours,

Baketress Jenny P